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Each episode we choose a theme and each discuss the methods and motives behind a murder....then play a round of 'Which would you rather' murder style. 

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One of those Canadian girls who survived the decade where all children were abducted, read Stephen King before puberty and ordered books on spontaneous human combustion from Columbia House. 

I know a lot about serial killers. I talk a lot about serial killers. It makes pretty much everyone I know uncomfortable.

I live in Scotland now. It's complicated.

Hobbies include making poor decisions, parking terribly and petting all the animals. 



Just a girl who got into true crime way too young and yet still can't stop reading, watching and researching every murder I come across! I am however unable to retain most of this information, so still come across as pleasantly uninformed. 

I have a medical background, so I will be bullshitting through most of the physical aspects of the show....with a high sense of importance. 

All in all, I love talking about murderers and trying to wrap my head around the horrible ways in which certain humans can behave. 

Other hobbies include eating too much chocolate and laying on the couch. 

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